Patricia Navidad: Biography History

Name: Ana Patricia Navidad Lara
Date of Birth: May 20, 1973 (age 40)
Place of Birth: Sinaloa, Mexico
Occupation: Actress and singer
Parents: Jesus (father)

Ana Patricia Navidad Lara (born May 20, 1973 in El Carrizal, Sinaloa) is a Mexican actress and singer.

Patricia developed an interest in music before acting, mainly influenced by her father, Jesús. She once was quoted as saying that his voice has been her inspiration since she was born. When she was nine years old she sang to the public for the first time in a school festival, and at fifteen she made her professional debut.

Two years later Paty saw a greater opportunity in the Señorita Sinaloa (Miss Sinaloa) contest which offered as a grand prize a scholarship to Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa (Center of Artistic Education in Television) in Mexico City. In 1993 while at CEA she acted in Los Parientes Pobres, and several other films until she hit it big with her role in the soap opera, Cañaveral de Pasiones (Sugar Cane Plantation of Passions). The role was noticed immediately by the country and after three years she became famous as an actress.

From 1997–2000 she co-starred with René Casados as the conductora (conductor) in the comedy musical show Picardía Mexicana ("Mexican Roguery"). In 1998–2004 she acted in telenovelas (soap operas), the most famous being 2003's Mariana de la Noche ("Mariana of the Night") as the role of Yadira. However, although famous as an actress, she did not abandon her musical career, releasing the album Instantes ("Instances") in 1998 which reached sales of over 100,000.

In 2000 Patricia Navidad was awarded Queen of the Banda in the Carnival of Mazatlán, Sinaloa for the recording of the disc Don Cruz Lizárraga presenta a Patricia Navidad: Raíces de mi tierra ("Don Cruz Lizárraga presents Patricia Navidad: Roots of my Homeland").

She was once involved in a controversy with Raul de Molina, co-host of El Gordo y La Flaca and with Lili Estefan, in which he made a remark that she did not like and she walked off the show, after yelling at Estefan about Estefan's grandmother, ignoring that Estefan's grandmother had died just recently before that.

She played Alicia Ferreira in the Mexican telenovela La Fea Más Bella ("The Most Beautiful Ugly Girl"), a re-make of the original Colombian soap opera, Yo Soy Betty La Fea ("I am Betty, the Ugly One". She has had roles in other successful and recent telenovelas, such as Zacatillo: Un Lugar en tu Corazón," and "Por Ella Soy Eva" (2011-2012). She will star in Lucero Suárez's telenovela: Espuma de Venus.

Instantes (1998)
Paty Navidad (1999)
Patricia Navidad (2000)
Urge (2008)

She worked in Premio Lo Nuestro 2008 with Pedro Fernandez.

Por Ella Soy Eva as Mimi de la Rose (2012)
Zacatillo, un lugar en tu corazon as Zorayda (2011)
Mujeres Asesinas 2 as Concha Garrido Capitulo: Las Garrido, codiciosas (2009)
Juro Que Te Amo as Antonia Madrigal (2008)
La Fea Más Bella as Alicia Ferreira de Mora (2006)
La Otra as Brenda (2004)
Mariana de la Noche as
Las Vías del Amor as Rocio (2002)
El Manantial as Maria Magdalena "Malena" Osuna (2001)
Ángela as Ximena Chavez (1998)
El Alma no tiene color as Sarita (1997)
Cañaveral de pasiones as Mireya (1996)
Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma as Clara (1995)
Más allá del puente as Rosalia (1994)
Marimar as Isabel (1994)
Los Parientes Pobres as Esmeralda (1993)
Maria Mercedes as Iris (1992)
Yadira Guerrero (2003)


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