Upcoming Telenovela in 2013

Latinovela, insist on Latina entertainment. Telenovelas are local cultural products that have the potential to be universally appealing and travel global networks (Miller, 2010). Yo soy Betty la fea, is the perfect example of how after achieving domestic success, telenovelas can go global and travel in multinational flows. This show was incredibly successful all over the world and even though its many adaptations keep the same storyline, each version is a great portrayal of national identity (Adriaens & Biltereyst, 2012). 

Well, these are two upcoming telenovela in 2013.

1. Bodas de Odio is an upcoming Mexican telenovela to be produced by Angelli Nesma Medina for Televisa. It is a remake of Bodas de odio, produced by Ernesto Alonso in 1983. In 2003, the first remake was produced by Carla Estrada. Unlike the 1983 version of Bodas de odio and Amor real, the 2013 remake of Bodas de Odio will be adapted to the present time.

On June 26, 2013, it was confirmed that Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and Luis Roberto Guzmán will star as the protagonists. Bodas de Odio will replace La tempestad on November 4, 2013.
2. Chiquititas is an upcoming Brazilian telenovela written by Íris Abravanel, based on the original series of same name crated by Cris Morena, and is a remake of the previous version for that country. The series is directed by Reynaldo Boury.

The remake was announced in September 2012 by SBT, with the purpose of maintaining the positive ratings given by Carrossel, also directed for younger viewers.

Chiquititas stars Brazilian actress Manuela do Monte as Carol, a young woman who gradually assumes the role of a mother for a group of orphans living in a manor, the Raio de Luz orphanage, and Giovanna Grigio as Mili, an orphan who seeks to know about her unknown origins.


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