Rosa Diamante: Synopsis

Format: Telenovela
Created by:
Original Story: Enrique Oscar Torres
Adaptation and Screenplay: Luis Colmenares, Sandra Velsaco, Gennys Perez
Developed by: Argos
Comunicación by: Telemundo Studios, Miami
Directed by: Miguel Varoni, Víctor Hugo Martínez Saladierna
Starring: Mauricio Ochmann, Carla Hernández, Lupita Ferrer,Begoña Narváez
Theme music composer: Marco Flores
Opening theme: "Rosa Diamante" by Eli Flores
Country of origin: Mexico, United States
Original language(s): Spanish
No. of episodes: 129

Rosa Diamante (Diamond Rose) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami and Mexican Argos Comunicación. It is a remake of Argentinian telenovela Perla Negra, written by Enrique Torres. Carla Hernández, Mauricio Ochmann and Lupita Ferrer are starring in this telenovela.

From July 10 to July 23, 2012, Telemundo aired half-hour episodes of Rosa Diamante weeknights at 8:30pm/7:30c, along with Una Maid en Manhattan. Starting July 24, 2012, Telemundo aired Rosa Diamante weeknights at 8pm/7c, replacing Una Maid en Manhattan. The last episode was broadcast on January 21, 2013, with Pasión Prohibida replacing it the following day. As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcasted English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.

A wealthy sophisticated woman (Raquel) abandons a newborn baby girl in a boarding school, and leaves nineteen diamonds with her. 18 of the diamonds are meant to pay for each years of her school expenses, until the baby reaches eighteen years old, and the last diamond is pink colored, and is supposed to be given to the baby girl when she grows up and is ready to leave the school. Years pass, Rosa turns into a beautiful young lady. Her biggest treasures are her boundless imagination and her friendship with Eva, who is another girl at the boarding school.

One fine day, Eva meets a boy named José Ignacio, a wealthy young man who makes fun of her and pretends his name is Adam, just to lure her in. The young Eva falls in love and ends up pregnant. After giving birth, a terrible car accident abruptly ends Eva's life. Rosa, who was also in the accident, is mistakenly identified as Eva in the aftermath, and Rosa lets everyone believe she really is Eva so that little Eduardito will not end up in an orphange. Rosa believes that by becoming a member of Eva's family, she would find the family love she never had in her own life. Also, Rosa wants to take revenge on José Ignacio for his callousness with Eva. But something happens that Rosa never expected; she falls in love with José Ignacio.

Main Cast

Mauricio Ochmann as José Ignacio Altamirano, Gerardo's son, Raquel's step-son, Junior and Lucía's brother, Eduardito's biological father, Bárbara's ex-husband; Rosa's husband
Lupita Ferrer as Rosaura Sotomayor, Eduardo's widow, Rosa and Ernesto's mother, Eva and Andrea's grandmother, was in love with Antonio
Carla Hernández as Rosa Andrade / Rosa Puentes, Rosaura and Antonio's daughter, Ernesto's sister, Eva and Andrea's bestfriend/aunt, Eduardito's adopted mother, pretends to be Eva; José Ignacio's wife
Patricio Castillo as Eduardo Sotomayor, Rosaura's husband, Leticia's brother, Rosa's step-father, Ernesto's father, Eva and Andrea's grandfather; dies of a heart attack
Claudia Ramírez as Raquel Altamirano, Gerardo's wife, Lucía's mother, José Ignacio and Junior's step-mother, in love with Antonio
Begoña Narváez as Bárbara Montenegro, Rodolfo's daughter, Martín's sister, Leticia's granddaughter, Responsible for the deaths of Roncancio, Gerardo and his son, José Ignacio's ex-wife, Roncancio's ex-lover; ends up in jail
Sofia Lama as Andrea Fernández, Venus executive, blackmailed by Gabriel, Rosa's bestfriend/niece, Eva's sister, in love with Junior
Luis Xavier as Gerardo Altamirano, Raquel's husband, father of Junior, Lucía and José Ignacio, hates the Sotomayor family, owner of Acua; killed by Bárbara
Manuel Balbi as Gabriel Robles, Venus executive, blackmailing Andrea; dies in a car accident
Luciana Silveyra as Margarita Puentes / Margaret Bridges, Headmistress of the boarding school, child trafficker, raised Rosa, Ramón's former lover/ally, Rodolfo's ex-wife; killed by him
Néstor Rodulfo as Ramón Gómez, Margaret's former lover/ally, helped raise Rosa, Eduardito's fake father, in love with Chole
Marco de Paula as Gerardo "Junior" Altamirano Jr., Gerardo's son, Raquel's step-son, José Ignacio and Lucía's brother, was interested in Rosa, in love with Andrea
Patricia Conde as Leticia Sotomayor, Eduardo's sister, Rodolfo's mother, Bárbara and Martín's grandmother
Ignacio Riva-Palacio as Martín Montenegro, Rodolfo's son, Bárbara's brother, Leticia's grandson, in love with Lucía, Valeria's ex-lover
Heriberto Méndez as Sergio Escobar, José Ignacio's former co-worker/friend/ally, addicted to poker; killed by Vladamir
Mariana Villalvazo as Lucía Altamirano, Gerardo and Raquel's daughter, Junior and José Ignacio's sister, in love with Martín
Ofelia Guiza as  Soledad "Chole", Sotomayor housemaid, in love with Ramón
Thali García as Eva Sotomayor, Rosa's bestfriend/niece, Rosaura and Eduardo's granddaughter, Ernesto's daughter, Andrea's sister, Eduardito's biological mother; killed in a car accident/explosion
Constantino Costas as Rodolfo Montenegro, Bárbara and Martín's father, Responsible for the deaths of Federico, Hector and Margaret, Leticia's son, Venus trador, Margaret's widower; ends up in jail

Secondary Cast

Marco Treviño as Antonio Andrade, Rosa's biological father, was in love with Rosaura, later in love with Raquel
Roberto Uscanga as Jairo Roncancio, Detective, Bárbara's baby's biological father; accidentally killed by Bárbara
Irineo Álvarez as Gustavo Manrique, Fiscal
Miguel Garza as Leonardo Bernal,  Antonio's friend
Gustavo Navarro as Federico Valenti, Head of design in Venus; killed by Rodolfo
Iván Bronstein as Horacio Villarreal, Obsessed with Raquel; killed by Gerardo
Héctor Vargas; accidentally killed by Rodolfo
Julieta Grajales as Maria Corina Villalta, Bárbara's former bestfriend/ally
Tsuria Díaz as Valeria, Lucia's ex-bestfriend, was in love with Martín, involved with Vladimir; ends up in jail
Ileana Pereira as Venancia "La Pelos"    
Tamara Mazarraz as Graciela Parra, Margaret's former ally, Vladimir's lover/ally; killed by Chanda
Francisco Calvillo as Jorge Pacheco, Obsessed with Andrea. Vladimir Bonilla,  Leader of kidnapping and international prostitute ring, Graciela's lover/ally; killed by police
Luis Yeverino as Detective Morocho, Detective


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