The 25 Hottest Women in Telemundo Telenovelas

Here are our picks for The 25 Hottest Women in Telemundo Telenovelas.

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1. Ana Lucia Dominguez
Telenovelas: Las Brujas de South Beach, Perro Amor, Madre Luna Colombian actress Ana Lucia Dominguez, famous for her role in Las Brujas de South Beach, is also a sex symbol known for her incredibly alluring photoshoots.

2. Mónica Spear
Telenovela: Flor Salvaje As if you needed further proof that Telemundo finds the hottest leading ladies, Monica Spear was crowned Miss Venezuela in 2004 before starring in Flor Salvaje as Amanda, a woman who became a prostitute to free her sisters.

3. Genesis Rodriguez
Telenovelas: Doña Bárbara, Prisionera, Dame Chocolate After appearing as Becky in Days of our Lives, Genesis Rodriguez chose to explore more Spanish-speaking parts. Most famously, she performed dual leading roles in Dame Chocolate.

 4. Vanessa Villela
Telenovelas: Amores de Mercado, Una Maid in Manhattan, El Cuerpo del Deseo Vanessa Villela’s most recent credit in her line of Telemundo appearances includes Una Maid in Manhattan, where she plays Sarah, a fashion critic who is also in love with the male lead, Christopher (Eugenio Siller).

5. Catherine Siachoque
Telenovelas: Las Brujas de South Beach, ¿Dónde está Elisa?, Pecados Ajenos, Sin Senos no hay Paraíso, Tierra de Pasiones, La Venganza, Amantes del Desierto, Te Voy a Ensenar a Querer Everybody loves a bad girl, which explains Telemundo watchers’ love for Catherine Siachoque and her numerous evil characters including the mistress, Marcia, in Tierra de Pasiones, where she leads a man to bankruptcy and suicide.

6. Marlene Favela
Telenovelas: Los Herederos Del Monte, Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa Marlene Favela isn’t shy about extending her talent to different genres. Fans of sci-fi can see her in the TV movie Species – The Awakening, where she played a half human half alien hybrid.

7. Sandra Echiverria
Telenovelas: El Clon, Marina, Relaciones Peligrosas In addition to being a prolific soap opera actress, Echeverría is also an accomplished singer; she often sings the theme song to her own shows, including El Clon.

8. Adriana Forseca
Telenovela: Corazón Valiente Fonseca started off her career by playing the little sister, Lucy, in the beloved telenovela Rosalinda, which aired on Televisa. She is currently starring as Angela Valdez in Telemundo’s Corazón Valiente.

9. Paola Rey
Telenovelas: Amores de Mercado, La Baby Sister Paola Rey gave up an industrial engineering career at La Sabana University in order to become a successful actress. Beyond her television career, Rey has appeared in numerous films, including Como El Gato y El Raton, which awarded her international recognition.</p

10. Barbara Mori
Telenovela: Amor Descarando Barbara Mori is a force to be reckoned with. She’s starred in various telenovelas and gained recognition for her Bollywood film, Kites. She also remarkably beat breast cancer, which was captured in the docu-drama 1 A Minute, along with other celebrity breast cancer survivors.

11. Gaby Espino
Telenovelas: Más Sabe el Diablo, Ojo Por Ojo, El Rostro de Analía, Sin Vergüenza Despite starring in numerous soap operas, Espino become infamous for her love-life drama and her secret relationship with her Más Sabe el Diablo co-star Jencarlos Canela, which they finally announced on Twitter.

12. Sara Maldonado
Telenovela: Aurora Before she went to Vancouver to study acting and English, Maldonado gave telenovela viewers something to look forward to in the angst-ridden teen drama Class 406. After playing the title character in Aurora, she played the main heroine in El Octavo Mandamiento, produced by Argos Comunicación.

13. Cristina Urgel
Telenovela: La Reina del Sur After participating in various beauty pageants, Urgel forayed into acting. She has appeared in numerous soap operas and explored more comedic titles, including Vaya Semanita on the network ETB. She’s currently a supporting character in La Reina del Sur.

14. Litzy Dominguez
Telenovelas: Una Maid in Manhattan, Amarte Asi, Daniela Litzy was discovered on a reality TV show, Protagonistas de la Fama. She is currently starring in one of the most popular telenovelas, Una Maid in Manhattan, based on the 2002 J-Lo movie, Maid in Manhattan.

15. Paola Toyos
Telenovelas: Sin Verguenza, El Juramento There’s not much information about Paola Toyos in the English-speaking world yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of her sexy photoshoots and clips of her telenovelas on YouTube, where she often appears in panties and garter belts.

16. Maritza Rodriguez
Telenovelas: El Rostro de Analía, La Casa de al Lado, Perro Amor, Doña Bárbara, Pecados Ajenos, Amantes del Desierto In addition to her current gig in La Casa de al Lado, in which she plays psychologist, Rodriguez is also known for her villainous character in the Telemundo show, Perro Amor, where she played Camila, a woman who sleeps with her cousin as a game.

17. Kate del Castillo
Telenovela: La Reina del Sur Aside from her success in the soap opera world, Kate del Castillo starred in the highest grossing Spanish-speaking theatrical release in the United States, Under the Same Moon. She also appeared in Showtime’s Weeds as the powerful crime boss Pilar.

18. Carmen Villalobos
Telenovelas: Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres, Ojo Por Ojo, El Rostro de Analía, Sin Senos no Hay Paraiso Carmen Villalobos most infamous starring role was in the series Sin Senos no hay Paraiso, which literally translates to “Without Breasts There is No Paradise.” Based on a true story, the show follows Villalobos as prostitute who wants breast implants to a seduce a rich cocaine dealer in order to escape poverty.

19. Danna Garcia
Telenovelas: Alguien Te Mira, Bella Calamidades, La Traición, Corazon Partido, Te Voy a Enseñar a Querer, In 1996, Garcia was the first Colombian actress to star in a Mexican soap opera, Al Norte del Corazón. She’s currently lighting up the small screen with her lead role in Alguien Te Mira.

20. Karla Monroig
Telenovelas: Alguien Te Mira, El Rostro de Analía , La Casa de al Lado, Más Sabe el Diablo, Dame Chocolate, Dueña y Señora. Currently, the model turned actress stars in La Casa de al Lado, but she got her start in entertainment as a host on the show Buscados (Most Wanted).

21. Natalie Streignard
Telenovelas: El Juramento, La Tormenta, ¡Anita, no te rajes! After making a name for herself as runner up in the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant, Streignard appeared in various telenovelas, including her most recent Telemundo lead role, El Juramento, where she plays the heroine Andrea.

22. Katie Barbieri
Telenovelas: Doña Bárbara, Corazon Valiente, Mi Corazon Insiste… en Lola Volcan, El Fantasma de Elena, Bella Calamidades. Despite her long list of telenovela credentials, Barberi is no stranger to English-speaking roles; she starred in three Disney movies and appeared in The Garbage Pail Kids.

23. Elizabeth Gutiérrez
Telenovelas: El Fantasma de Elena, El Rostro de Analía Elizabeth Gutierrez entered the public eye as a model on The Price is Right. After appearing on the reality show Prtagonistas de Novela, she began her soap opera career as the villain in Olvidarte Jamas on Venevision International.

24. Adela Noriega
Telenovelas: Guadalupe, Maria Bonita Adela Noriega acted in many coming-of-age telenovelas as a teenager during the 80’s and has since been considered one of the “queens” of the Spanish soap opera world.

25. Edith Gonzalez
Telenovela: Doña Bárbara Before starring in Doña Bárbara, González was caught in the middle of a heated scandal after having a daughter fathered by the married Mexican politician, Santiago Creel.



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