Ivonne Montero: Profile - Biography

Name: Ivonne Garcia Macedo Montero
Date of Birth: April 25, 1974 (age 39)
Place of Birth: Mexico City, México
Occupation: Actress, model
Spouse(s): Fabio Melanitto

Ivonne Montero (born Ivonne Garcia Macedo Montero on April 25, 1974) is a Mexican actress and model. She is best known for playing the leading role in ¡Anita, no te rajes! ("Anita, don't Give Up!") in 2004.

She has portrayed a wide variety of roles in telenovelas, and has appeared in several serials, including Rosalinda, Las vías del amor, Decisiones and El Juego de la Vida. She plays the struggling single mother Maité Contreras in Telemundo's Sin Vergüenza.

In 2008, she appeared in the Sci-Fi Original, The Wild Reporter.

In October 2008 she returned to Mexico to star in the soap opera called Secretos del Alma on TV Azteca. In April 2009, she participated in the reality show El Gran Desafio, also on TV Azteca.

In 2010 Ivonne starred in the telenovela La Loba alongside Mauricio Islas.

She married Fabio Melanitto.

Rosalinda as Celina Barriga (1999)    
El tigre de Santa Julia as Rosa (2002)    
¡Anita, no te rajes! as Anita Guerrero (2004)    
Los Pajarracos as Sulama (2006)   
Sin Vergüenza as Maite Contreras (2007)    
To Rob a Thief as Rafaela (2007)    
Secretos del alma as Diana Cervantes (2008)   
La Tercera orden as Lilith (2008)    
Valeria     María as Inmaculada/Coral (2009)    
La Loba as Ángeles Fernández (2010)   


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