Danna García: Profile - Biography

Name: Danna María García Osuna
Place of Birth: Medellín, Colombia
Other names: Dannita
Occupation: Actress and model
Years active: 1990–present
Height: 5' 3"
Danna Maria García Osuna (born February 4, 1978 Medellín, Colombia) is an actress and model best known for her roles in telenovelas.

She began her career shooting television commercials and at seven and drove Notituticuanti and the serial starring Imagínate, Tantas Cosas and Seres querido. Then came more than 25 appearances on television and soap operas as Al final del Arcoiris, Azúcar, Zarabanda, "Perro Amor", La Casa de las dos Palmas, La otra raya del tigre and Victoria.

Danna Garcia has been tearing up Latin charts and telenovelas (soup operas) ever since. Danna started singing at age 4 under the watchful eye of her mother, Colombian singer Claudia Osuna. In 1994, Danna and her sister formed the band “Café Moreno” and recorded the triple-platinum album “Momposina.” That same year, Danna appeared in her first major role in the Colombian telenovela “Café con aroma de mujer.” In 1996, she became the first Colombian actress to star in a Mexican telenovela and she’s best known for her leading roles in Pasión de Gavilanes and La Revancha. Her success (and overall hotness) has also awarded her spokeswomen status for Maybelline cosmetics and Garnier Nutrisse hair products. Danna was also named one of the 50 most beautiful people according to People en Español‘s “Los 50 más Bellos” list.

Since Marcela Vallejo played in the soap opera, Café con aroma de mujer, Danna was screened internationally. With their performances reached millions of households throughout Latin America, U.S., Spain, Serbia, Italy, Indonesia and even Japan. Alongside her performance in Café con aroma de mujer, debuted as a singer in the Colombian band of Cafe Moreno, next to her sister the actress and singer Claudia Garcia, Carolina Angel and Zulu. This group called 'Tropical Pop' popular folk songs rescued from Colombia, but with the idea of positioning among young audiences in 1994 were received with great acceptance. The group released the albums 'Momposina' (1994) and 'Cafe Moreno' (1995) under the label 'Rodven Records'. In 1995, this quartet dissolves. Since then Danna consolidate her acting career, but has not been completely removed from the song to play songs from two of its soap operas Perro Amor and Háblame de amor.

In 1996 she became the first Colombian to play the role of a soap opera in Mexico, Al norte del corazón of TV Azteca. After several months of work, she returned to Colombia in 1997 to play the role of Sofia Santana in the soap opera Perro Amor, with which he received several awards and nominations. Danna return to Mexico after two years the country to star in the soap opera of Háblame de amor. At the end of the recordings, traveled to New York City to continue his theater studies at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. After several months, she accepted the offer to star in La revancha, where Soledad and would represent surrounded by an international cast. The telenovela aired in the U.S. on Univision getting excellent ratings as in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, Greece and other European countries.

After starring in Passion of hawks completed two projects with high ratings, I'm going to teach Split Heart Will and transmitted by Telemundo and Caracol / RTI (Colombia). Later, he starred in Telemundo's Betrayal a period novel, full of romance, giving life to solitude, and repeating artistic partnership with Mario Cimarro as they did in Pasión de Gavilanes. Recently, he worked in the Televisa telenovela A hook to the heart, where Valentina Lopez stars as "the monkey", a young boxer willing to do anything to be happy.

Since 2009 he starred Bella Calamidades Telemundo's new novel by the Argentine heartthrob Segundo Cernadas, Katie Barberi, Maria Helena Doering and Diana Quijano, among others. Bella Calamidades is the first telenovela from Telemundo that is released first in Latin American countries rather than in the United States leading the fringes times the countries where the novel is issued. In 2010 Mexico star in the remake of Cradle of wolves whose tentative name for blood right next to William Levy (actor) and produced by Salvador Mejía and star in the remake of One look at you with Christian Meier Telemundo.

In 2012, she made casting Qué bonito amor the soap opera producer Salvador Mejía, a remake of La hija del mariachi Televisa in which he won the role of history along with Jorge Salinas and Pablo Montero.

Carrusel - Maria Cristina
El cielo en tu mirada - Angelica Maria
corto Setenta veces siete


Alguien Te Mira (2010) (2010-2011) — Piedad Estévez
Bella Calamidades (2009-2010) — Lola Carerro
La Traición (2007-2008) — Soledad de Obregón
Decisiones, mecanismo de ilusión (2007) — Francisca
Corazón Partido (2006) — Aura Echarri
Te Voy a Enseñar a Querer (2004-2005) — Diana Rivera
Pasión De Gavilanes (2003-2004) — Norma Elizondo

TV Azteca
Háblame de amor (1999) — Julia/Jimena
Al norte del corazón (1997) — Eloísa

Victoria (1995) — Victoria
Café, con aroma de mujer (1994) — Marcela Vallejo Cortez
La otra raya del tigre (1992) — Manuela Santacruz
Azúcar — Caridad

La revancha(2000) — Soledad Santander/Mariana Ruiz

Qué bonito amor (2012-2013) - María Mendoza
Un gancho al corazón (2008-2009) — Valentina "La Monita" López

Perro amor (1998) — Sofía Santana
El día es hoy (1996)— Milena

TV Series
Vivir Asi (2002) - Lety
Tiempo final (Fox) (2008) - Ana

TV y Novelas award for best leading actress of novel, Dog Love
Caracol Award for Best Lead Actress for, Pasion de Gavilanes.
Two Gold Award for Best Lead Actress Venezuela (shared with Paola Rey and Natasha Klauss) by, Pasion de Gavilanes.
Orchid Award for Best Lead Actress use (shared with Paola Rey and Natasha Klauss) by, Pasion de Gavilanes.
Plaque presented by the program to be Sweet actress of the year, Pasion de Gavilanes


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