Patricia Navidad: TVNotas September 2011

Patricia (Paty) Navidad is a beautiful Mexican actress and singer.

Enjoy her beautifulness on TVNotas September 2011.

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Patricia Navidad: Biography History

Name: Ana Patricia Navidad Lara
Date of Birth: May 20, 1973 (age 40)
Place of Birth: Sinaloa, Mexico
Occupation: Actress and singer
Parents: Jesus (father)

Ana Patricia Navidad Lara (born May 20, 1973 in El Carrizal, Sinaloa) is a Mexican actress and singer.

Patricia developed an interest in music before acting, mainly influenced by her father, Jesús. She once was quoted as saying that his voice has been her inspiration since she was born. When she was nine years old she sang to the public for the first time in a school festival, and at fifteen she made her professional debut.

Two years later Paty saw a greater opportunity in the Señorita Sinaloa (Miss Sinaloa) contest which offered as a grand prize a scholarship to Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa (Center of Artistic Education in Television) in Mexico City. In 1993 while at CEA she acted in Los Parientes Pobres, and several other films until she hit it big with her role in the soap opera, Cañaveral de Pasiones (Sugar Cane Plantation of Passions). The role was noticed immediately by the country and after three years she became famous as an actress.

From 1997–2000 she co-starred with René Casados as the conductora (conductor) in the comedy musical show Picardía Mexicana ("Mexican Roguery"). In 1998–2004 she acted in telenovelas (soap operas), the most famous being 2003's Mariana de la Noche ("Mariana of the Night") as the role of Yadira. However, although famous as an actress, she did not abandon her musical career, releasing the album Instantes ("Instances") in 1998 which reached sales of over 100,000.

In 2000 Patricia Navidad was awarded Queen of the Banda in the Carnival of Mazatlán, Sinaloa for the recording of the disc Don Cruz Lizárraga presenta a Patricia Navidad: Raíces de mi tierra ("Don Cruz Lizárraga presents Patricia Navidad: Roots of my Homeland").

She was once involved in a controversy with Raul de Molina, co-host of El Gordo y La Flaca and with Lili Estefan, in which he made a remark that she did not like and she walked off the show, after yelling at Estefan about Estefan's grandmother, ignoring that Estefan's grandmother had died just recently before that.

She played Alicia Ferreira in the Mexican telenovela La Fea Más Bella ("The Most Beautiful Ugly Girl"), a re-make of the original Colombian soap opera, Yo Soy Betty La Fea ("I am Betty, the Ugly One". She has had roles in other successful and recent telenovelas, such as Zacatillo: Un Lugar en tu Corazón," and "Por Ella Soy Eva" (2011-2012). She will star in Lucero Suárez's telenovela: Espuma de Venus.

Instantes (1998)
Paty Navidad (1999)
Patricia Navidad (2000)
Urge (2008)

She worked in Premio Lo Nuestro 2008 with Pedro Fernandez.

Por Ella Soy Eva as Mimi de la Rose (2012)
Zacatillo, un lugar en tu corazon as Zorayda (2011)
Mujeres Asesinas 2 as Concha Garrido Capitulo: Las Garrido, codiciosas (2009)
Juro Que Te Amo as Antonia Madrigal (2008)
La Fea Más Bella as Alicia Ferreira de Mora (2006)
La Otra as Brenda (2004)
Mariana de la Noche as
Las Vías del Amor as Rocio (2002)
El Manantial as Maria Magdalena "Malena" Osuna (2001)
Ángela as Ximena Chavez (1998)
El Alma no tiene color as Sarita (1997)
Cañaveral de pasiones as Mireya (1996)
Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma as Clara (1995)
Más allá del puente as Rosalia (1994)
Marimar as Isabel (1994)
Los Parientes Pobres as Esmeralda (1993)
Maria Mercedes as Iris (1992)
Yadira Guerrero (2003)
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Upcoming Telenovela in 2013

Latinovela, insist on Latina entertainment. Telenovelas are local cultural products that have the potential to be universally appealing and travel global networks (Miller, 2010). Yo soy Betty la fea, is the perfect example of how after achieving domestic success, telenovelas can go global and travel in multinational flows. This show was incredibly successful all over the world and even though its many adaptations keep the same storyline, each version is a great portrayal of national identity (Adriaens & Biltereyst, 2012). 

Well, these are two upcoming telenovela in 2013.

1. Bodas de Odio is an upcoming Mexican telenovela to be produced by Angelli Nesma Medina for Televisa. It is a remake of Bodas de odio, produced by Ernesto Alonso in 1983. In 2003, the first remake was produced by Carla Estrada. Unlike the 1983 version of Bodas de odio and Amor real, the 2013 remake of Bodas de Odio will be adapted to the present time.

On June 26, 2013, it was confirmed that Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and Luis Roberto Guzmán will star as the protagonists. Bodas de Odio will replace La tempestad on November 4, 2013.
2. Chiquititas is an upcoming Brazilian telenovela written by Íris Abravanel, based on the original series of same name crated by Cris Morena, and is a remake of the previous version for that country. The series is directed by Reynaldo Boury.

The remake was announced in September 2012 by SBT, with the purpose of maintaining the positive ratings given by Carrossel, also directed for younger viewers.

Chiquititas stars Brazilian actress Manuela do Monte as Carol, a young woman who gradually assumes the role of a mother for a group of orphans living in a manor, the Raio de Luz orphanage, and Giovanna Grigio as Mili, an orphan who seeks to know about her unknown origins.
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5 Hottest Mexican Actresses

Latinovela, insist on Latina beauties. These are the five hottest Mexican actresses. But these actresses are also very proud of their nationality and culture. One culture in particular that usually generates tons of pride is Mexican, and Mexican actresses are usually just a notch above every other actress as far as looks are concerned, because everybody enjoys looking at a sexy latina. Well, these are the five hottest Mexican actresses.
1. Salma Hayek. Salma Hayek is a Mexican actress who not only looks amazingly gorgeous, but is extremely talented. You can find this sexy latina beauty in films like "Frida" and "Desperado," and on the popular television show "30 Rock."

2. Ninel Conde. Ninel might not be half as popular as Salma Hayek, but this award winning actress is very famous in her home country of Mexico.

3. Kate del Castillo. Kate del Castillo unlike the other two has not been nominated for any awards, but luckily that is not a qualification for this list. Katie is 28 years young and looking great.

4. Maite Perroni. Maite might just be the sexiest Mexican actress on this list. She is most popular for being in a Mexican pop group, but she has been on television which technically makes her an actress.

5. Anahi. Anahi is a exotic looking Mexican actress and singer who was a part of the same pop group as Maite. And just like Maite, Anahi made her way into television. Anahi is a 26-year-old gorgeous looking Mexican actress who can be found easily on television all over Mexico.
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Best of Kate del Castillo

One of Mexico's most acclaimed and popular actresses, Kate del Castillo on her best photoshoot. Enjoy!

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Kate del Castillo: Biography History

Name: Kate del Castillo Negrete Trillo
Date of Birth: October 23, 1972 (age 40)
Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation: Actress
Years active: 1980–present
Spouse(s): Luis García (2001–2004), Aarón Díaz (2009–2011)

One of Mexico's most acclaimed and popular actresses, Kate del Castillo broke through in America as a result of her award-winning performance in the hit Fox Searchlight/Weinstein movie Under the Same Moon (La misma luna) (2007), which is to date the highest-grossing Spanish-language theatrical release in U.S. history.

Kate is starring in the coveted role of "Queen of the South" in "La reina del sur" (2011) a short form prime-time telenovela for Telemundo (NBC/Universal) and Antena 3 (Spain.) This adaptation of the bestseller by Spanish novelist Arturo Perez-Reverte. drew more than 8.1 million viewers in its debut week, making it the most successful telenovela premiere week in the web's history. It continues to break records attracting male viewers and non-Spanish speaking viewers.

Del Castillo appeared as a guest star in six episodes of the fifth season of the Showtime hit comedy series _Weeds_. She starred as 'Pilar Zuazo,' a powerful Mexican crime boss who threatened Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) and Esteban's romance then hit with a mallet by Nancy's son.

Del Castillo recently starred in's first-ever webnovela (which she co-produced), "Vidas Cruzadas" (Crossed Lives). The series was a huge success and generated more than two million video streams through September 15, 2009 making it one of the three most-watched online properties ever according to the network.

L'Oréal Paris signed del Castillo to an exclusive U.S. contract as a spokesperson for the company and its beauty brands. The advertising was shot in Los Angeles and Paris and is currently appearing in the U.S. and Mexico. The California Ford dealers tapped her as its spokesperson to star in their television and radio ads. The History Channel named her Network Spokesperson for Hispanic Heritage Month in 2007.
Kate del Castillo, was appointed Ambassador for the Mexican Commission on Human Rights to combat human trafficking in 2009, and launched the Blue Heart campaign in Mexico City with U.N. Goodwill Ambassador Mira Sorvino in 2010..

She began her acting career as a child, but it wasn't until the enormously successful telenovela "Muchachitas" that she became a full-fledged star in Mexico. She went on to become the leading ingénue of nine telenovelas, including "Ramona" and "La Mentira" taking them to the top of the Nielsen charts every time. Her telenovelas have aired multiple times in more than 100 countries worldwide. Kate received various accolades for her critically acclaimed performance as a Bolivian dancer in American Visa (2005) including "Best Actress" awards in film festivals in Spain and Brazil, and a "Best Actress" nomination at the Ariel Awards, Mexico's equivalent to the Oscars. In the United States, the movie premiered at the AFI Film Festival in Los Angeles, to a sold-out crowd. She also did a cameo in Bordertown (2006) as Antonio Banderas's long-suffering wife. Kate returned to her theater roots in Mexico for a sold-out eight week theatre run in the two character David Harrower play "Blackbird" ("Pájaro Negro.) She won the "Best Actress" award from the Theatre Critics Association in Mexico.

Among her many awards, Kate received the "Outstanding Performance in a Motion Picture" award for her performances in _Trade_ and Under the Same Moon (La misma luna) (2007) by the National Hispanic Media under the umbrella of the National Latino Media Council. In August 2008, she won the Imagen "Best Actress" award for "Under the Same Moon."
Kate has graced the covers of the top Spanish-language magazines, and was People en Español's 2007 cover Actress of the Year, as well as one of their "Most Beautiful People." On September 13, 2009, Kate served as Grand Marshall in Los Angeles' Mexican Independence Day Parade.

Kate was the voice of Sally Carrera in the Spanish version of Pixar/Disney's Cars (2006) and will soon appear in the animated Rio (2011)_ as a bird/wife to George Lopez. She made her crossover debut on television in the U.S. in the Golden Globe-nominated PBS series "American Family" (2002) alongside Edward James Olmos.

She is currently developing a project for television, which she hopes will showcase her love of extreme sports. She published in Mexico her first novel called "Tuya" based on her screenplay, and it's now in its third printing.

???? Sherman Way (pre-production)
Rosa (rumored)
No Good Deed (post-production) (2014)
A Miracle in Spanish Harlem as Eva (completed) (2013)
Dallas as Sergeant Marisela Ruiz (TV series) (2013)
Arranque de Pasión as Ela Rivella (TV series) (2013)
Punky Dunk Project: Punky Dunk and the Goldfish (Video Game) (2012) - Spanish Narrator (voice)
K-11 as Mousey (2012)
Grimm as Valentina Espinosa (TV series) (2012)
Colosio: El Asesinato as Verónica (2012)
CSI: Miami as Anita Torres (TV series) (2011)
Without Men as Cleotilde (2011)
La reina del sur as Teresa Mendoza (TV series) (2011)
El Pantera as Coco (TV series) (229)
Weeds as Pilar Zuzua / Pilar Zuazo  (TV series) (2009)
The Cleaner Josefina (TV series) (2209)
Vidas cruzadas as Mariana (TV series) (2009)
Down for Life as Esther (2009)
Bad Guys as Zena (2008)
Julia as Elena (2008)
Under the Same Moon (La misma luna) as Rosario (2007)
The Black Pimpernel as Consuelo Fuentes (2007)
Trade as Laura (2007/I)
Lime Salted Love as Isabella Triebel (2006)
Bordertown as Elena Diaz (2006)
American Visa as Blanca (2005)
Kate Del Castillo en La Riviera Maya as Kate (TV movie) (2005)
Avisos de ocasión as Amanda (2004)
Bajo la misma piel as Miranda Murillo Ortiz (TV series) (2003)
American Family as Ofelia (TV series) (2002)
El derecho de nacer as María Elena del Junco (TV series) (2001)
2000 Ramona as Ramona Moreno (TV series) (2000)
Sendero mortal II (1999)
La mentira as Verónica Fernández-Negrete (TV series) (1998)
Reclusorio as Estrella Uribe (Segment "Sangre entre Mujeres") (1997)
Educación sexual en breves lecciones as Ana (1997)
Alguna vez tendremos alas as Ana Hernández (TV series) (1997)
Azul as (TV series) (1996)
Mujer, casos de la vida real as Aunque parezca mentira  (TV series) (1995)
Amor que mata (1994)
Imperio de cristal as Narda Lombardo (TV series) (1994)
Sendero mortal (video) (1993)
Mágica juventud as Fernanda (TV series) (1992)
Ambición sangrienta (1991)
Violencia en altamar (video) (1991)
Muchachitas as Leticia (TV series) (1991)
El último escape as Bárbara (1990)
Las sobrinas del diablo (1983)
Los de abajo (1978)
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Top Telenovela in 2013

Latinovela, insist on latina entertainment. Telenovela is a limited-run serial dramatic programming popular in Latin American, Portuguese, Filipino, Spanish, and North American (Spanish language network) television programming. The word combines tele, short for televisión or televisão (Spanish and Portuguese words for television), and novela, a Spanish and Portuguese word for "novel". Telenovelas are a distinct genre different from soap operas, for telenovelas have an ending and come to an end after a long run (generally less than one year). The telenovela combines drama with the 19th century feuilleton and the Latin American radionovela. The medium has been used repeatedly to transmit sociocultural messages by incorporating them into storylines.

Here's the top telenovela telenovela you should watch in 2013!

1. El Senor de los Cielos
The Colombian telenovela stars Rafael Amaya playing Mexican drug lord Humberto Zaira. Zaira was known for trafficking drugs through airports in the United States and Mexico as a pilot for an airline.The notorious drug cartel leader died while getting plastic surgery in order to change his appearance to avoid getting caught by police.It will premiere on Telemundo.

2. La Reina del Sur 2
The telenovela based off Mexican drug trafficker Teresa Mendoza is back again on your TVs. The famed drug lord was notorious for running a drug ring in southern Spain--and she was a kickass woman. The Telemundo novela is the most expensive one the studio has produced and will unfortunately not feature part one's Kate del Castillo as the protagonist. It is still unclear who will replace her--but it doesn't matter, don't miss it on Telemundo!

3. Reina Madre
This remake of Brazilian novela Fina Estampa will showcase the talents of Sonya Smith in a rags to riches story. Smith will play a mother who wins the lottery after struggling her whole life to support her family as a single mother. Finally upon coming onto money she must face the negative side of wealth as others envy her and to maintain her humble self. Don't miss it on Telemundo!

4. La Tempestad
Calling all William Levy lovers! The remake of Colombian telenovela La Tormenta is hitting the small screen this year. William Levy and Daniela Romo will star in a story about a woman who decides to move to her country estate, La Tempestad, as a means to gain back the wealth her family has lost. At the estate she faces greed and envy from her family as she tries to change La Tempestad into a prosperous place. Look for it on Univision.

5. El Enemigo de Sandra
This Mexican telenovela, a remake of a 2007 Chilean soap opera about a woman rebelling to live in a macho society in the 1900s, stars Edith Gonzalez and Humberto Zurita. There hasn't been word if it's going to take place back then or in modern times. Look out for it on the Azteca channel in February.

6. Las Bandidas
This remake of the telenovela Las Amazonas is about a man who tries to marry off his daughters, but instead they rebel seeking happiness in other areas. The soap opera will star Marco Mendez and Ana Lucra Dominguez. Don't forget to catch it on the Televisa channel this year!

7. Notas de
If you're a Glee fan, then you'll love this soap opera. The telenovela, which stars Marcela Guirado and Cristobal Orellana, will cover topics of adolescence ranging from sex, love, sexuality struggles, and more. The Mexican novela will air on the Azteca channel later in 2013.

8. A la luz del Angel
Martha Higareda plays Antonieta Rivas Mercado, a journalist who made a tremendous change in Mexico. The reporter was most known for opening up Mexico to art and culture. The soap opera will be about her and her sister and the rivalry they develop in addition to getting caught in a love triangle. Catch it later in 2013 on Univision!

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Destino: Synopsis

Genre: Drama, romance
Format: Telenovela, soap opera
Created by: Gabriel Santos, Paz Aguirre
Directed by: Enrique Pineda, Jose Acosta, Lorena Maza
Starring: Paola Núñez, Mauricio Islas
Opening theme: "Mi Camino es tu Amor" by Carmen Ríos
Country of origin: Mexico
Original language(s): Spanish
No. of episodes: 73 (aired)

Destino narrates a story where both mother and daughter fall in love with the same man.

As of April 8, 2013, Azteca 13 is broadcasting Destino weeknights at 7:30pm. Production oficially started on March 7, 2013.

Margarita Gralia - Grecia Del Sol/Dulce María
Paola Nuñez - Valeria Gonzalez
Mauricio Islas - Sebastian Montesinos
Maria Fernanda Quiroz - La Jennifer
Maria José Magan - Elena Vargas Del Sol
Javier Gómez
Hugo Catalán
Ana La Salvia
Jorge Luis Vázquez
Juan Vidal
Erick Chapa
Araceli Aguilar
Álvaro Guerrero
Homero Weimmer
Surya McGregor
Tamara Fascovich
Eugenio Montessoro
Lucia Leyba - Cristina
Matias Aranda
Liz Gallardo
Adrian Rubio
Fernando Sansores
Sarah Lindberg

Cast changes
Miguel Ángel Ferriz was to star in this telenovela.
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La tempestad: Synopsis

Genre: Telenovela, Romance, Drama
Format: Serial drama
Created by: Humberto "Kiko" Olivieri (original)
Written by: Liliana Abud (original), Mauricio Aridjis (adaptation)
Directed by: Monica Miguel, Eric Morales
Starring: William Levy, Ximena Navarrete, Iván Sanchez, Laura Carmine, Mariana Seoane, Daniela Romo, Cesar Evora
Opening theme: "Hoy tengo ganas de ti" by Alejandro Fernández feat. Christina Aguilera
Ending theme: "Para Soñar" by Daniela Romo feat. Francisco Cespedes, Pensar En Ti by Daniela Romo feat. PandOra
Composer(s): Luis Alberto Diazayas
Country of origin: Mexico
Original language(s): Spanish
No. of episodes: 47 (aired)

La tempestad (International translation The Tempest, but dubbed as The Storm by Univision) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejía Alejandre for Televisa. It is loosely based on the Colombian telenovela La Tormenta, produced by RTI Colombia for Telemundo and Caracol TV.

William Levy and Ximena Navarrete star as the protagonists, while Iván Sanchez, Laura Carmine, Cesar Evora and Mariana Seoane star as the antagonists. Daniela Romo is also confirmed to star. Previously, Jessica Coch and Adriana Louvier were originally confirmed to star as the antagonist.

As of May 13, 2013, Canal de las Estrellas is broadcasting La tempestad, replacing Amores verdaderos. Production of La tempestad officially started on April 4, 2013. The 2013 remake of Bodas de Odio will replace La tempestad on November 4, 2013.

On June 11, 2013, Univision confirmed a July 2013 broadcast. A July 29, 2013 broadcast was confirmed on July 16, 2013.

Marina is the manager to a Hotel in the city. Her executive career is going through a rough patch when she is informed that her mother, Beatriz Reverte, suffers from a disease that compromises her life.

At the same time, in the town "Nuestra Señora del Mar", lives Damian Fabre; a young captain who owns a fishing boat called "La Tempestad". Damian is in charge of supplying merchandise for a canned food manufacturer called "Neptuno". Esthercita, the mayor's daughter, is obsessed with Damian, and after some incisive flirting, he finally corresponds her without having a clue of what is coming close to him.

Mercedes Artigas, a mysterious and elegant woman, shows up in the city. She is "Neptuno's" owner and she desperately needs someone who helps her save the factory from going bankrupt. She offers Marina the chance to recover her professional life by taking care of the factory's financial and administrative management. Although she was a little skeptic at the beginning, Marina accepts to move to the town, especially when she is advised that her mother's health would get worse in the city.

Mercedes keeps a big secret: she is Marina's real mother, but she had to quit her daughter in the past. She used to be really poor and Ernesto, who was a mobster ever since then, fell in love with her, but Mercedes didn't correspond to him because she was in love with Leonardo and got pregnant with his child. Furious, Ernesto killed Leonardo. Mercedes ran away and a short later she gave birth to twin sisters. Ernesto stole Magdalena, and regardless of being a girl, he abused her and condemned her to a life of prostitution. To keep Marina from having the same luck, Mercedes decided to give her in adoption.

Hernan, a wealthy and good-looking man, has always been obsessed with Marina. He has enough power to make everyone in the town surrender to him; completely different to the Hernan, Marina met in school. In order to provoke Damian's jealousy, Marina accepts going out with Hernan, although she mistrusts him which she can't explain why. This is because Hernan has a dark life that he shares with Fulgencio, the town's mayor and Esthercita's father. Hernan works with the mafia and has some problems with fishing boats, especially with Damian Fabre's, "La Tempestad", which has complicated his business' management.

Damian and Marina are forced to make a truce in order to defend themselves from their common enemies, who want to destroy them; this struggle makes them realize they have fallen in love and they start a romance.

Esthercita, on the other hand, is still obsessed because Damian doesn't correspond to her love and, in her eagerness to get him, she claims in front of her father to have been raped by Damian. Fulgencio arrests him, forcing him to marry Esthercita in order to keep his daughter's honor in front of the villagers. However, that marriage doesn't last much and tragically Esthercita disappears when Hernan puts a bomb in the boat trying to get rid of Damian.

The day for Mercedes to rescue Magdalena has come, and she decides to stay next to her and make her the owner of an exclusive bar in the city.

Marina and Damian decide to get married but Esthercita reappears and prevents that marriage from taking place, since Damian is still married to her legally.

Marina discovers she is pregnant and suffers and accident in which she loses her baby. From then on, Marina doesn't want to hear from Damian. Disappointed because Marina has rejected him, Damian enters "la Casa de las Muñecas" bar, where Magdalena works. Searching to be loved, she gives in to Damian who being drunk, mistakes her for Marina. Magdalena finds out that she has a twin sister and that it is because of her that Damian is depressed. However, as time goes by, Magdalena has started to love Damian, too.

Hernan convinced Marina to marry him. Damian tries to recover Marina's love, but Hernan manages to put him against her, and decides to lock her up. Marina asks Hernan to remove the guardians in exchange for accepting him and allow her to say good bye to Damian. When he sees her arrive to "La Tempestad", Damian is surprised. Thrilled, they make love. After that, Marina asks him to forget her and go on with his life.

Marina and Hernan get married, but on their way back home they are victims of an attempt in which Hernan is seriously hurt. Marina dedicates her life to look after him affectionately but doesn't allow their marriage to consummate. He promises to retire from the mob little by little.

Facing the love Magdalena is offering to him, Damian decides to take the chance of being with her and asks her to move together. She accepts joyfully.

Now, being in such different paths and in order to be together, Damian and Marina will have to defeat the obstacles that destiny has put in front of them, because only their love has a tempest's strength to achieve whatever comes.

William Levy as Captain Damián Fabre/Michel Fabre (deceased), Captain of La Tempestad, Mercedes' worker, Claudio's mentor, Esthercita's ex- husband, Eusebia's godson, Fulgencio and Hernán's enemy, Michel's brother, Bagre's friend, Ursula's love interest, in love with Marina, he served life in prison after he was charged of Esthercita's attempted murder, cut his short hair, injured by a stabbing wounds
brother of young Damian, mauled to death by a shark .
Ximena Navarrete as Marina Reverte/Magdelena Artigas, Beatriz's adopted daughter, Mercedes' biological daughter, Magdelena's biological twin sister, ex-hotel worker, in love with Damian, Hernan's former classmate/love interest, Mayuya, Fulgencio and Ursula's enemy, Rebeca's niece, Ariel's daughter,
Mercedes daughter, Marina's biological twin sister, kidnapped as a baby.
Iván Sánchez as Hernán Saldaña, Fulgencio and Ursula's ally, Marina's former classmate/love interest/enemy.
Laura Carmine as Esther "Esthercita" Salazar Mata, Fulgencio and Delfina's daughter, Ursula's cousin, Damian's ex-wife, Mayuya's friend/accomplice, sold by Macario to Ernesto, has amnesia when the boat exploded.
Mariana Seoane as Úrsula Salazar, Fulgencio and Delfina's niece, Esthercita's cousin, Marina's enemy.
Daniela Romo as Mercedes Artigas viuda de Saldaña, Owner of Neptuno, Marina's biological mother, Magdalena's mother, Fulgencio's ex-love interest, Jose and Damian's boss, Alicia's friend.
César Évora as Mayor Fulgencio Salazar, Esthercita's father, Damián and Marina's enemy, corrupted/ruthless mayor of Nuestra Señora del Mar, Ursula's uncle, Mayuya's lover, Delfina's husband, Mercedes' ex-love interest. Valdiva, Nereo and Lara's henchman, Hernan's ally.
Arturo Peniche as Ariel Reverte (deceased), Marina and Magdalena's father, killed by Ernesto.
María Sorté as Beatriz vda. de Reverte, Marina's adoptive mother, Rebeca's sister.
Nora Salinas as Tia Rebeca, Marina's aunt, Beatriz's sister.
Lucero Lander as Delfina Mata de Salazar, Esthercita's mother, Fulgencio's wife, Ursula's aunt.
Malisha Quintana as Mayuya Canseco, Esthercita's friend, eavesdropper, Fulgencio's lover, Marina's enemy, She gets a makeover to look like Esthercita.Ursula's slave
Manuel Ojeda as Ernesto Contreras, Rich and powerful man, Macario's boss, served time in jail after abusing a hotel waitress. He buys Esthercita when she has amnesia. Responsible for the deaths of Hernán's parents and Ariel.
Sharis Cid as Candeleria "Candy", Owner of the bar La Doña in Nuestra Señora del Mar.
Luis Manuel Ávila as Olinto, Administrator of Neptune, admires Damián and La Tempestad.
Alejandro Ibarra Bagre as Damián's right-hand man and friend.
Latin Lover as El Oso, Sailor and crew member of La Tempestad
Alfonso Iturralde as "Padre Tomás", The town's priest, Lazaro's uncle.
Arturo Carmona as Jose Manríquez, Mercedes' bodyguard and driver, loyal to Marina.
Amor Flores as Jazmín, Kidnapped by the mafia, in love with Lazaro
Monica Miguel as Madre Eusebia, Damian's godmother, she has the power to go in trans and see the future, the town psychic.
Salvador Ibarra as Lagarto, Sailor and crew member of La Tempestad
Fernando Robles as Lara, Devoted police officer trying to dismantle the mafia and prostitution operations in the town, Fulgencio's henchman, Hernan's boss.
Francisco Martin as Lolo, Sailor and crew member of La Tempestad
Enrique Zepeda as Lázaro, Sailor and crew member of La Tempestad, goes into Nereo's business as an undercover spy.
Adalberto Parra as Valdivia, Corrupt police officer, Fulgencio's henchman, Hernan's boss,
Eduardo Liñan as Dr. González, doctor.
Amparo Garrido as "Alicia", Mercedes's friend and confident, she is also her secretary.
Jose Antonio Ferral as Toribio, Town police officer.
Gilberto de Anda as "Nereo", Member of la mafia, kidnaps and forces young girls into prostitution, Fulgencio's henchman, Hernan's boss.
Sergio Reynoso as "Comandante Robles", Devoted police officer trying to dismantle the mafia and prostitution operations in the town
Mar Contreras as Enriqueta    
Janet Ruiz        
Fernando Larrañaga as Dr. San Miguel, a town doctor.
Tony Vela as Macario, Ernesto and Hernan's boss.
Rosita Bouchot
Rene Casados as Claudio Salvatore Petrone, Damian's boss, friend and a mentor.

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Corazón indomable: Synopsis

Genre: Telenovela, Romance, Drama
Format: Serial drama
Created by: Ines Rodena (writer)
Starring: Ana Brenda Contreras, Daniel Arenas, Elizabeth Álvarez, René Strickler
Opening theme: "Dejalo ir" by Margarita, La Diosa de Cumbia
Ending theme: "Perdoname" by Camilo Blanes
Country of origin: Mexico
Original language(s): Spanish
No. of episodes: 102 (aired)

Corazón indomable (International Title: Wild at Heart) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Nathalie Lartilleux for Televisa. It is a remake of Marimar, produced in 1994, and starring Thalía and Eduardo Capetillo.

Ana Brenda Contreras and Daniel Arenas star as the main protagonists, while Elizabeth Álvarez, Rocio Banquells, and Carlos de la Mota star as the main antagonists.

As of February 25, 2013, Canal de las Estrellas is broadcasting Corazón indomable, replacing Corona de lágrimas. Canal de las Estrellas will broadcast Por siempre mi amor after Corazón Indomable concludes in late-September 2013.

As of May 13, 2013, Univision is broadcasting Corazón indomable weeknights at 7pm/6c, replacing Corona de lágrimas. Production oficially started on January 18, 2013.

Ana Brenda Contreras as Maricruz Olivares/María Alejandra Mendoza Olivares, biological daughter of Alejandro, dedicated granddaughter of Ramiro, adopted sister of Solita, in love with Octavio, Emir's wife.
Daniel Arenas as Octavio Narváez, a pilot and Hacienda Narváez's co-owner, Miguel's younger brother, Lucia's brother in law, Esther's cousin in law, in love with Maricruz, marries Simona.
Elizabeth Alvarez as Lucia Bravo de Narváez, Miguel's wife, Esther's cousin/enemy, Octavio's sister in law/enemy, dies burned from a car accident.
Carlos de la Mota as Emir Karim, Arabian royal prince, Maricruz's love interest/enemy/husband .
René Strickler as Miguel Narváez, Lucia's husband,Hacienda Narváez's co-owner, Esther's cousin in law/enemy, Octavio's older brother/enemy, responsible for the death of Eusebio.
César Évora as Don Alejandro Mendoza, a millionaire, Maria Alejandra's biological father, dies from heart attack.
Rocío Banquells as Carola Canseco, a business executive of Isla Dorada's casino boat, Alejandro's business partner/enemy, Raiza's sister.
Ana Patricia Rojo as Raiza Canseco, Carola's sister, interested in Alejandro's money.
Manuel Landeta as Teobaldo, a ship guard of Isla Dorada's casino boat, Araceli's friend,in love with Maria Alejandra.
María Elena Velasco as María Nicolasa Cruz, Servant at Hacienda Narváez, Friends with Maricruz, Solita, and Don Ramiro.
Carlos Cámara Jr. as Eusebio/Nazario, a ranch foreman of Hacienda Narváez, Maricruz and Octavio's enemy, responsible for the death of her grandfather, Ramiro/His Twin shot to death, killed by Miguel.
Ignacio López Tarso as Don Ramiro Olivares, Solita and Maricruz/Maria Alejandra's deceased grandfather, Love with Maria, Guadalupe father. burned to death, caused by Eusebio (As per Lucia's order)
Gabriela Mellado as Soledad "Solita" Olivares, Deaf, raped by Eusebio, adopted sister of Maricruz/Maria Alejandra, dedicated granddaughter of Ramiro.
Yuliana Peniche as Ofelia, a homestead maid at Hacienda Narváez.
Marina Marín as Santa, a cook at Hacienda Narváez
Elizabeth Valdéz as Esther Bravo, Lucia's cousin/enemy, Octavio and Miguel's cousin in law/enemy.
Ricardo Franco as Eduardo, Octavio's best friend and a pilot.
Juan Ángel Esparza as José Antonio, a handsome, attractive and helpful man, a ranch handsman of Hacienda Narváez.
Michelle Ramaglia as Araceli, in love with Eduardo, Octavio's friend
Mónika Sánchez as Guadalupe Daniela Olivares Cruz, mother of Maricruz / Maria Alejandra and Solita, Daughter of Don Ramiro and Maria.
Isadora González as Simona Iràzabal, a rich ranch owner neighbor of Hacienda Narváez, marries Octavio.
Manuela Imaez as Alejandra Hernandez, Alejandro's Lawyer.
Ingrid Martz as Doris, Governor daughter, says that this love Octavio, Maria Alejandra enemy.
Alejandro Tommasi as Bartolome Montenegro the governor of Isla Dorada.
Tanya Vasquez as Mariana, Doris friend, interested in the Governor, Maria Alejandra competition.
Antonio Fortier as Tony, Casino caregiver, Carola accomplice, Maria Alejandra hates.
Jose Carlos Ruiz as Padre Julian
Arleth Teran as Natasha
Sergio Goyri

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