Cuando me enamoro Synopsis

Format: Telenovela
Created by: Televisa
Directed by: Karina Duprez, Lily Garza, Fernando Nesme
Starring: Silvia Navarro, Juan Soler, Rocío Banquells, Jessica Coch, René Casados, Julieta Rosen, José Ron, Sebastián Zurita
Opening theme: "Cuando Me Enamoro"
Country of origin: Mexico
Original language(s): Spanish
No. of episodes: 181

Cuando me enamoro, se detiene el tiempo (Timeless Love) is a Mexican Spanish-language telenovela produced by Carlos Moreno Laguillo and Televisa. It is a remake of the 1998 Televisa telenovela La mentira.
Silvia Navarro, Juan Soler and Jessica Coch are stars, with the participations of Rocío Banquells and Lisardo Guarinos as the main villains, the stellar participations of René Casados, Julieta Rosen, José Ron, , and the special participation of Sebastián Zurita.

Univision promoted Cuando me enamoro for the United States audience, with the first promo shown on March 30, and was initially scheduled to air at 8pm central. A second promo confirmed an April 19 airing at 7pm central. The third promo aired on April 5, confirming a 7pm/6pm central on Univision, and aired from April 20, 2011 to January 6, 2012.
Cuando me enamoro is the story of Regina Gamba Soberón/Renata Monterrubio Álvarez (Silvia Navarro), a 24 year old woman who lives with the mistreatment, abuse and indifference of her mother Josefina (who is really her kidnapper) and twin sister Roberta (who is really her half sister).

When she was one year old, she was taken from her mother, Regina Soberón (Julieta Rosen/Lidia Ávila), by her father's mistress and murderer Josefina "Pepa/Fina" Álvarez (Rocío Banquells/Margarita Magaña), who wanted to get revenge on Regina/Renata's father Roberto for not wanting to take care of the daughter he had with her (Roberta). In an attempt to hide the kidnapping, Fina pretends to have twins, Renata and Roberta (Jessica Coch) her actual daughter. She then moves away and eventually meets Gonzalo Monterrubio (René Casados), a rich businessman whom she marries. Regina spends her life trying to find her daughter, who has a heart illness (inherited from her father), Regina's only clue.

24 years later, Renata has become an outgoing, independent, intelligent young woman, holding a valued position in Gonzalo's business. She is kind-hearted, but her intelligence and independence is often mistaken for arrogance. Roberta, now a spoiled woman accustomed to getting her way, is often jealous of her supposed twin sister and does anything she can to make Renata look bad. However, Roberta is also very good at pretending to be a sweet woman, and people rarely realize her true nature. Roberta also inherited her father Roberto's heart illness, and has had lots of health problems in her life, unlike her sister Renata, who has never shown any symptoms.

When a handsome man named Jerónimo Linares (Juan Soler) comes in contact with the Monterrubio family, both Renata and Roberta fall in love with him. However, despite Roberta's efforts to discredit her sister in Jerónimo's eyes, Jerónimo apparently falls in love with Renata, and they soon get married.

However, Jerónimo's real intention with Renata is revenge for his brother Rafael's death (Sebastián Zurita). Unknown to anyone in the Monterrubios' circle, Rafael had a relationship with Roberta, but was killed by Fina who made his death look like a suicide. Jerónimo finds out that his brother was dating one of the Monterrubio sisters, whom he called La Bonita, but not which one. He decides to get revenge by making the guilty one fall in love with him and then mistreat her emotionally. This is precisely what he does with Renata once they are married and living on his ranch in Ensenada, named "La Bonita" by his late brother in honor of the woman he loved. Too late, he realizes that he picked the wrong sister, and at the same time, he realizes that he truly fell in love with Renata. Renata leaves him and they divorce soon after she learns the sad truth.

Renata goes back to Mexico City, and decides to tell everyone why Jerónimo married her, and that the real lover of Rafael was her sister Roberta. Shortly before arriving, she also finds out that Roberta is getting married to Matías (Jose Ron), their step-brother. Her motivation for unmasking her sister becomes greater. She decides that nothing, and no one, will stop her from doing it. She arrives too late to stop the wedding, but during the reception she tells the whole family the truth. Roberta obviously denies it. Everyone doubts Roberta except her mother. However, Fina knew about the relationship between Rafael and Roberta, and killed Rafael because she disapproved of her daughter marrying a poor man with few prospects.

Soon after Renata married Jeronimo and went to live with him on the ranch, Roberta found out she was pregnant. First she claims that the baby she's having is from Matias; then she tells Matias that the baby is from Jeronimo, even when she knows it is from Rafael, Jerónimo's brother. Matias decides to marry Roberta anyway, to protect her reputation, to give her baby a father, and to protect Renata from getting hurt. After Renata returns home, announcing Jeronimo's true intentions for marrying her, it is revealed to Renanta, Jeronimo and everyone that Jeronimo is the father of Roberta's baby. Jeronimo asks for a DNA test to prove the baby is not his. Unbeknownst to everyone, except Roberta and Fina, Roberta had already miscarried the baby two days before. Unable to stop the DNA test, Roberta flings herself down the stairs, and claims Renata pushed her.

At the hospital, everyone learns she miscarried and that she won't ever be able to have any more children. Renata and Jeronimo's relationship seems to be done forever because she can't to forgive him for marrying her to avenge his brother.

Renata is later sent back to Ensenada by her father to protect her from legal troubles associated with the company, to a ranch called "Cruz de Amor" to live for a while with Agustin (Lisardo Guarinos), who is Jerónimo's enemy and neighbour. Agustín tries to make Renata fall in love with him and even proposes to her. Jeronimo, jealous about Renata and Agustin's relationship, meets a young doctor called Marina (Martha Julia) and starts dating her, and eventually sleeps with her. Renata also jealous of Marina, decides to accept Agustin's marriage proposal.

Back in Mexico, Constanza (Lourdes Munjia), Gonzalo's sister, unmasks Josefina (Rocio Banquells) and learns she's the one responsible for Renata's abduction from her real mother 24 years ago, so she confronts her. Fina knocks Constanza on the floor in a moment of anger and hits her with a home decor, sending her to the hospital and leaving her unable to speak for a while.

Meanwhile, Jeronimo learns that the real murderer of his brother is none other than Josefina Álvarez, Renata's mother. He decides to tell Renata the truth, and they both realize that they still love each other deeply, even when they are involved in relationships with other people. Roberta and Fina decide to make Roberta the real daughter of Regina, the one who was stolen 24 years earlier, in order to get the money Roberto Gamba left to her daughter Regina (Renata) once she turned 25 years old. Fina meets Regina face to face and tells her she's the woman who stole her daughter 24 years ago. Regina wants to know if her daughter is either Roberta or Renata, but Fina lies to her and says her daughter is Roberta. Regina doesn't believe her and asks for a DNA test. Fina gives Regina Renata's and Roberta's toothbrushes, with switched labels, so she can do the DNA test and confirm who her daughter is. Fina and Roberto also steal Renata's hairbrush, put it in Roberta's purse, and set a trap for Regina to find it and test the hair, thinking it's Roberta's.

Some days later, Renata tells Agustin she won't be able to marry him as she still has strong feelings for Jeronimo, even though he is with Marina. At the same time, Jerónimo decides to break up with Marina as he wants to reconcile with Renata and start a new life with her.

Fina and Roberta's plan of making her look like the real daughter of Regina works, as they were able to manipulate the DNA results so no one would know that Renata was Regina's true daughter. The day of telling everyone who's the real daughter arrives. Renata hopes she is the real daughter and after learning she's not, goes into a deep depression and falls into Jeronimo's arms after they confess their love to each other in a bar. After that night, they decide to reconcile and promise each other to never separate again. Agustin goes crazy after Renata breaks up with him and decides one day they'll pay for what they did to him.

Meanwhile, Marina learns she's pregnant with Jeronimo's child, but she doesn't want to tell anybody about it. Agustin finds out and tells Renata in an attempt to separate her from Jeronimo, but fails as she decides to accept Marina's and Jeronimo's baby as her own, and be a good step-mother.

Regina and Gonzalo decide to marry, pushing Fina out of the picture. On their wedding day Fina attempts to kill both Regina and Gonzalo, and she shoots them both. She gets arrested and is sent to jail. Gonzalo lays in a coma at the hospital, as Fina shot him in the head. Both Regina and Gonzalo survive, but Gonzalo is not able to move or talk for a while.

Days after the shooting, Renata and Jeronimo go to the local bishop to retract Renata's petition for the dissolution of their marriage that she applied for months before, because they want to stay married in the eyes of God. They tell their story to the bishop and he promises he will try to help and will contact them soon. Some days after, the bishop writes them a letter telling them that the petition was successfully revoked, and that they will continue to be married in the eyes of the Church forever. They are both extremely happy and start planning their civil wedding at the ranch.

On the day of the wedding, Renata finds out she is pregnant with Jeronimo's child, and plans on telling him the moment they are married. But her happiness is short lived, as Jeronimo doesn't arrive and no one knows where he is. The next day Saul, Marina's ex-boyfriend, arrives to "La Bonita" and claims that she and Jeronimo left town to start a new life with their unborn babies (twins). As Renata listens to this, she faints, and discovers that she has a heart illness which was inherited from her biological father Roberto. Regina learns this and begins to doubt that Roberta is her daughter. Renata falls into a deep depression caused by Jeronimo's abandonment, but decides to get better for the child she is expecting. Later, thanks to her friend Antonio, Regina finds out that Renata is her true daughter and decides to tell her the good news. Both are extremely happy to learn that they are mother and daughter, but decide to keep this discovery secret from Roberta, whom they now all suspect of being Fina's accomplice.

Days after the interrupted wedding, Renata returns to Mexico City and goes looking for Marina, so she can give her an explanation of why Jeronimo left her. Marina swears to Renata that Jeronimo is not with her, as he would never leave his wife, and they both start thinking he is in danger. They find Saul, Marina's ex-boyfriend, so he can tell them what happened with Jeronimo. He escapes, but Jeronimo is found in a cottage near town. He was rescued by a woman who saw how a group of men (sent by Agustin) beat him and threw him off a cliff. Carlos, Jeronimo's friend goes to the cottage and calls Renata so she could talk to Jeronimo, in an attempt to wake him up. They succeed and Renata decides to go to him, but she's kidnapped as she arrives in Ensenada by Agustin, who wants to have her to himself. After Jeronimo learns of his wife's kidnapping, he makes a plan rescue her, and finds out that Agustin has taken her to his private boat and plans to leave for another country. Jeronimo manages to get aboard and, after an intense sword fight, he kills Agustin and rescues Renata. The two of them are happily reunited.

Fina escapes from jail and contacts Roberta, and she again plans on killing Renata.

As Renata's and Roberta's 25th birthday party happens, Fina appears disguised as one of the band singers. After Regina tells Roberta she knows she's not her daughter, she becomes enraged and denies she knew the truth. But Regina and Renata tell her they forgive her, as they know Fina is responsible for everything that has happened. After a heart-to-heart talk with Gonzalo, Roberta realizes all the bad things she has done and feels extremely guilty. While she and Renata are cutting their cake, Fina attempts to shoot Renata, but Roberta gets in the way, saving Renata's life and dies instead. Fina goes crazy because she killed her own daughter, and is sent to a Mental Hospital, where she is supposed to spend the rest of her life.

Months later, Renata's and Jeronimo's son Rafael is born at the same time and in the same place as Marina's twin daughters. Unfortunately, Marina dies moments later. After giving birth, her lungs were filled with liquid, but before dying she leaves Jeronimo and Renata in charge of her babies, Marina (after herself) and Irene (after her mother). Renata promises she will take care of the girls and love them as if they were hers. Marina dies soon after and leaves Renata and Jeronimo devastated.

Five years later, Jeronimo and Renata have two more kids: Roberto and Regina, named after Renata's parents. As Jeronimo's wine "San Rafael" wins the major prize at the local fair, their happiness is complete. As they dance with their kids on grapes, they tell each other they are each other's dreams. They live happily ever after.
Silvia Navarro as Renata Monterrubio Álvarez/Regina Gamba Soberón, employee of Empresas Monterrubio, niece of Constanza and Honorio, half-sister of Roberta, stepsister of Matias, biological daughter of Regina and Roberto, legal daughter of Fina and Gonzalo, granddaughter of Cata, in love and married to Jeronimo, mother of Rafael, Roberto and Regina, stepmother of Marina and Irene.
Juan Soler as Jerónimo Linares De la Fuente, businessman, dedicated brother of Rafael, in love and married to Renata/Regina, father of Marina, Irene, Rafael, Roberto and Regina. (Main Protagonist)
Rocío Banquells as Josefina "Fina"/"Pepa" Álvarez Martínez, mother of Roberta, Renata/Regina, kidnapped Renata/Regina, ex-wife of Gonzalo, hates Regina and Renata/Regina. (main leading antagonist/villain) (Murdered 8 people, 13 victims, 5 survived) (in the end she ends up in a psychiatric hospital, traumatized because of murdering her own daughter accidentally)
Jessica Coch as Roberta Monterrubio Álvarez/Roberta Gamba Álvarez "La Bonita", sister of Renata/Regina, stepsister of Matias and Adriana, biological daughter of Fina/Pepa and Roberto, Selene's friend, niece of Constanza and Honorio, adoptive daughter of Gonzalo. In love with Rafael and Agustin, hates Renata. (main antiheroine/villain), (accidentally shot and killed by Fina)+.
René Casados as Gonzalo Monterrubio, businessman and director of Empresas Monterrubio, in love with Regina, stepfather of Regina/Renata and Roberta, father of Matias, brother of Constanza, ex-husband of Fina, husband of Regina.
Julieta Rosen as Dr. Regina Soberón, a doctor, biological mother of Regina/Renata, sister in law of Constanza, daughter of Cata, in love with Antonio, wife of Gonzalo.
Guillermo Capetillo as Padre Antonio Iriondo, in love with Regina, accomplice of Fina, minister.
Alfredo Adame/ as Honorio Sánchez, employee of Empresas Monterrubio, husband of Constanza, father of Adriana.
Martha Julia as Marina Sepúlveda, in love with Jeronimo, Saul's ex-girlfriend, Mother of Jeronimo's Twin Daughters, (Dies after giving birth to twin daughters). +
Lourdes Munguía as Constanza Monterrubio, employee of Empresas Monterrubio, aunt of Renata and Roberta, sister in law of Regina, stepmother of Adriana, aunt of Matias, wife of Honorio, sister of Gonzalo.
José Ron as Matías Monterrubio, employee of Empresas Monterrubio, stepbrother of Renata and Roberta, nephew of Constanza and Honorio, son of Gonzalo and Fina, stepson of Regina, in love with Renata then with Adriana.
Lisardo Guarinos as Agustín "El Guapo" Dunant Cuevas, father of Anibal, in love with Renata. (main antagonist/ main villain) (Murdered Ezequiel and Kidnapped Renata), (stabbed to death by Jeronimo, in self-defense with a fencing sword)'"'+.
Ferdinando Valencia as Jose Maria "Chema" Casillas, son of Benjamin.(Dies by cancer)+.
Odiseo Bichir as Dr. Álvaro Nesme, a doctor, works for Agustin and Ezequiel, in love with Alfonsina, ex-husband of Karina.
Luis Gatica as Lázaro López, brother of Matilde and in love with Karina.
Julio Mannino as Saul Guardiola, Marina's ex-boyfriend
Yolanda Ventura as Karina Aguilar, ex-wife of Alvaro, then Lazaro.
Grettell Valdez as Matilde López, sister of Lázaro, in love with Carlos.
Aleida Núñez as Alfonsina Campos Flores, wife of Ezequiel, sister of Blanca.
Carlos de la Mota as Carlos Estrada, in love with Matilde, Priscila's ex-boyfriend.
Alejandro Ruiz as Ezequiel Fierro, husband of Alfonsina, work for Agustin and Alvaro. (executed by hanging, in order of Agustin Dunant)+
Wendy González/*Florencia De Saracho as Adriana Sanchez Beltrán, employee of Empresas Monterrubio, daughter of Honorio and Ágatha, stepdaugther of Constanza, in love with Matias.
Eleazar Gómez as Anibal Cuevas, son of Agustin, in love with Allison.
Magda Karina as Maritza del Rio/ Blanca Campos/ Dominique de la Rivera, accomplice of Fina, sister of Alfonsina (strangled to death by Fina, fall and crushed in a bridge)+
Sebastián Zurita as Rafael Gutierrez de la Fuente, former employee of Empresas Monterrubio, wine owner of La Bonita, deceased brother of Jeronimo, In love with Roberta (killed by Fina)+.
Irma Dorantes/*Silvia Manriquez as Catalina 'Cata' vda. de Soberón, mother of Regina and grandmother of Regina/Renata (collapses and dies of a heart attack.)+.
Olivia Bucio/*Susana Diazayas as Inés Fonseca Del Valle, wife of Isidro, mother of Andrés, best friend of Regina.
Antonio Medellín/*Juan Angel Esparza as Isidro Del Valle, husband of Ines, father of Andrés.
Zoraida Gomez as Julieta Montiel
Illithya Manzanilla as Arely
Marco Uriel as Comandante Cantú, intellectual (killed by Fina)+.
David Ostrosky as Benjamin Casillas, father of Chema.
Hugo Macias Macotela as Padre Severino, priest.
Geraldine Galvan as Alisson Contreras, granddaughter of Manuela, in love with Anibal.
Michelle Ramaglia as Priscila, Carlos's ex-girlfriend.
Jackie Garcia as Selene Carrasco, friend of Roberta
Jesus More as Diego Lara
Yoselin Sanchez as Beth Arteaga
Luis Reynoso as Leoncio (killed by Alvaro +)
Aldo Fabila as Manriquez
Sussan Taunton as Luciana Peniche
Marco Munoz as German Ibarrola, husband of Gema.
Yolanda Mérida as Manuela Contreras, grandmother of Allison.
Christian Vega as Ándres Del Valle Fonseca, son of Ines and Isidro.
Eduardo Caceres
Sara Monar as Gema de Ibarrola, wife of German.
Vanessa Mateo as Lorea
Pablo Cruz Guerrero as Daniel
Jorge Alberto Bolanos as Lic. Ramiro Soto
Mario Zulayca as Humberto
Ricardo D'Leon
Raquel Morell/*Araceli Rangel as Ágatha Beltran, Mother of Adriana (collapses and dies of a heart attack)+.
Sebastián Rulli as Roberto Gamba, young father of Regina/Renata and Roberta, young husband of Regina (killed by Pepa)+.


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