Best of Gaby Espino

Gaby Espino, a stunning Venezuelean beauty, was born on November 15 in Caracas, Venezuela. Her dad is a chemical engineer and her mom is a publicist. She has 4 siblings: Andreina, Gustavo, Mariando and Nelly. When she entered the university, she wanted to study medicine, but finally decided to study ontology. She changed her mind again and finished 3 semesters of publicity. In 1995 she began studying dancing and acting in "Escuela Luz Columbia" in Caracas. Her debut role on TV was in the Venezuelean teen series "A todo corazon" (1997), where she played Natalia. Just one year later she got her first protagonist role as Ivana in "Enamorada" (1999). She later acted in many other soaps like "Amantes de Luna Llena" (2000), "Guerra de mujeres" (2001) and "González, Las" (2002). In 2003 she portrayed her first villain - Princesa Izaguirre Zabaleta in "Rebeca". She lately filmed two more soaps as a protagonist - "Luna, la heredera" (2004)" and "Se solicita príncipe azul" (2005). She also participated in the Peruvian movie "Mujer de mi hermano, La" (2005)where she played Laura.

Enjoy her beautifulness on her best photoshoot.



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