Géraldine Bazán: Profile - Biography

Birth Name: Rosalba Géraldine Bazán Ortíz
Occupation: Actress, Model and Singer
Age: 30, born 30 January 1983
Country of origin: Mexico
Currently Residing In: United States
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Partner: Gabriel Soto

Rosalba Géraldine Bazán Ortíz (born January 30, 1983) is a Mexican actress, singer, and anchorwoman currently living in Miami. She's part of Women Fair, Amigos for Kids activities, Latin Book Festivals, in Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, In her spare time Geraldine likes to support causes such as the Televisa and TV Azteca Foundations, Movimiento Azteca, Telethon in Mexico, Panama, and Guatemala. She supports U.S. social and charity organizations and foundations in the areas of the homeless, discrimination, cancer, the Special Olympics, AIDS, and Celebrity Run 5k.

Géraldine was born in Mexico City, Mexico to Rosalba Ortiz Cabrera , her father, Manuel Antonio Bazan is an entrepreneur living in Southern California. her daughter is Elissa Marie, Her brother is Angel Claude, who is also an actor.

Géraldine Bazán has been linked to drama age five. She is fluent in Spanish and English. In Mexico Bazan studied acting in musical comedy in the National Council for Arts and Culture, CAPDEC de la ANDA, M&M Studio Patricia Reyes Spíndola Actors Workshop, Carlos Ancira's Actors Studio, Luis Felipe Tovar Set, Luis del Llano's Concepts and Televisa's Training Center, and JDuvergere DanceIII Studio. She has been acting in movies, theater, radio and TV for 19 years, the last three in the United States.

She is a member of: ANDA, ANDI, ALAS, Mujeres en el Cine y la Television WIFT&TV.

She has 22 years of experience in entertainment work since childhood, in vocal and choreographic groups, modeling, radio, telenovelas, theater, film and television, in Mexico. Bazan has appeared in 17 telenovelas.

Her early work includes 9 Mexican project, including Corazon Salvaje, Buscando el Paraiso, Maria la del Barrio, Preciosa, Traviesa, Camila for Televisa, Catalina Y Sebastian, Ellas Inocentes o Culpables, Como en el Cine, Dos Chicos de Cuidado, etc.

In 2001, Bazan played Patria Mirabal in her first English film, In the Time of the Butterflies with Salma Hayek and Edward James Olmos.

Towards the end of 2004 she traveled to Miami to film telenovela Sonar no Cuesta Nada, produced by Venevision-Univision. In 2005, she was in eight films in Mexico and nine theater plays, including Univision's Love Doesn’t Have a Price El Amor No Tiene Precio. She also appeared on children's radio channels. The actress starred in Tierra de Pasiones (Land of Passions) in 2006 from NBC Telemundo. She played a villain in the 2007 teen telenovela Under the Reins of Love Bajo las Riendas del Amor from Televisa Miami Studios. All three telenovelas were broadcast in the United States, Mexico, Latin America and Europe.

In Bajo Las Riendas del Amor, produced by Televisa, through Univision, Géraldine Bazán plays Veronica Orozco. She also performs in the telenovela Sonar no Cuesta Nada broadcast by Network Tres. In 2010, Géraldine Bazán is filming 2 telenovelas Sacrificio de Mujer and Alguien te Mira to Univision and Telemundo

In 2008, the actress appeared in a telenovela filmed in Bogotá, Colombia with Victoria Ruffo, Arturo Peniche and Mauricio Ochmann titled Victoria. Victoria is a remake of Mirada de Mujer a remake of Señora Isabel, a Colombian telenovela about a woman who falls in love with a dashing, younger man when her marriage collapses around her. Her rich husband deserts her for his mistress and their children blame her for the breakup. This story was also filmed for Mexican TV in as Mirada de Mujer, The Gaze of a Woman. Her work continued in 2010 with Sacrificio de Mujer (Woman Sacrifice) again with Channel Venevision - Univision in Miami.

After she performed called "Juguemos a Cantar" on Raúl Velasco's Siempre en Domingo, she joined children-oriented groups called Cotorras, Scorpio, Petit and Rouge and recorded an album that featured "Rouge".

Novia que te vea (1994) (Wish that I see you a bride) Mexico...... Jewish girl
Pelea de Perros (2000) (Street Dog Fighting) Mexico..... Social Worker
In the Time of the Butterflies (2001) (Mexico) .. Patria Mirabal
Espejo retrovisor (2002) (Rear View Mirror) Mexico ...Paloma
Rabia, Niños de Alcantarilla (2003) (Angry upset) Mexico.. Mariana
Punto y Aparte (2004) (Critical Point) Mexico ...... Aurora
Secuestro aqui nadie se raja (2004) (Kidnap) Mexico..Alejandra
Hacienda del Terror (2005) (The House of Pain) Mexico ...Celeste
Quetzalcóatl y el maíz (2005) (Quetzalcoatl and the corn) ....
Granpa (2007) Panama-USA (Official site)...Journalist

Telenovelas and series
Que opinan los Niños (1992) Mexico...Serials.. 1 episode
Buscando el Paraiso (1993) Mexico (Searching Paradise) Mexico....Tiare Scanda Alma as a Child... 10 episodes
Corazón salvaje (1993) (Brave Heart) Mexico ..Aimme as a child Girld 2 episodes
Club de Gaby (1994) Mexico.....Series... 20 episodes
Super Ondas (1994) Mexico.....Series... 20 episodes
María la del Barrio (1995) (Maria of the Neighborhood) Mexico.... Teresa 10 episodes
Cerezo Rojo (1995) Mexico..... Serials
Imagina Television Educativa (1995) Mexico .. Serials
XETU Remix(1996) Mexico..... Serials ... 100 episodes
El Espacio de Tatiana (1996) Mexico.... Serials..5 episodes
Camila (1998)Mexico ... Julieta... 10 episodes
Mi pequeña traviesa (1999) (Small naughty) Mexico ...Daniela 10 episodes
Catalina y Sebastián (1999) Mexico....Luisa Negrete 240 episodes
Ellas, inocentes o culpables (2000) (Them, innocents or guilty) Mexico. Liliana Montiel 240 episodes
Como en el cine (2001) (As in the Movies) Mexico..Regina Linares (Amatista) 245 episodes
Cara a Cara (2002) Mexico ....Serials ...15 episodes
Sin permiso de tus padres (2002) Mexico..Serials
Dos chicos de cuidado en la ciudad(2003) (Two Boys of care) Mexico-Argentina ...Fernanda Medina 300 episodes
Lo que callamos las mujeres(2004) Mexico.. Serials ...10 episodes...
Historias de la risa real (2004) Mexico.. Serials..50 episodes... anchor
Soñar no cuesta nada (2005) (To Dream does not cost anything) VZA-USA.. Liliana Reyes Retana 240 episodes
Tension (2005) (El Miron USA) .... Serials 3 episodes
El Amor No Tiene Precio (2006) (Love does not have a price) Televisa USA...Elizabeth Monte y Valle 100 episodes
Decisiones (2006) (Decisions) USA......Serials RTI Telemundo 5 episodes
Tierra de pasiones (2006) (Land of Passions) USA.... Belinda San Román 300 episodes Antagonist
Bajo las Riendas del Amor (2007) (Under the Reins of Love) USA Veronica Orozco 300 episodes Antagonist
Victoria (2007–2008) (Telemundo series)| Colombia USA Paula Mendoza Santiesteban 300 episodes
Los Premios de la Radio 2009 USA Los Angeles Estrella TV
Viva la Familia Todo Bebe 2009 USA Los Angeles Univision
Cristina 2009 USA Miami Univision
Premios Lo Nuestro 2010 2010 USA Miami Univision
Sacrificio de Mujer (2010) USA (Woman Sacrifice) Venevision Series Venevision-Univision 101 episodes Antagonist
Alguien te mira (2010) USA Telemundo Studios, Tatiana Wood Asociados Televisa Networks Galavision 116 episodes
La Mujer de Judas (2012) Emma Balmori Antagonist

Theater plays
Gitti¨secret 1994... El Secreto de Guitti....Guitti
Little Orphan Annie, 1995.... Anita la Huerfanita...Vero
Pastoneza 1998.... Maria
Pop Corn 1999 ....Palomitas....Velvet Delamitri
Pastorela Loca..... 2000...Maria
Cinderella, 2001,....Cinderella
The Apple of Discordance 2001 La Manzana de la Discordia...Coquis
In the Edge 2002... Al Filo de la navaja ....Mariana
Black Comedy 2003.. Que Paso en el Apagon? ....Mimi
Real World 2004.. Mundo Real y tu donde Cabes? ....Mia

Gold Aztec Award Premio Azteca de Oro en Los Angeles Cal. Hispanic Heritage
ACE Award, Premio ACE New York for the face of the year,
Sin Limite Award, Premios Sin Limite New York for best female performance,
Latino Award, Premios Latinos New York as well as female performance
Dimond Mara Award Premios Mara de Oro in Venezuela for the best TV actress,
Palmas de Oro Latinas Award Palmas de Oro Phoenix Ar. USA
Premio Amigos del Peru Miami Fl. USA
Premio Carteles Miami Fl. USA

She has won 20 other awards in Mexico City for acting in movies, theater and TV 1996-2004, including Bravo, Arlequin, Gaviota, Quetzal, ACPT, APT, Ángel dorado, Sol de Oro, Oscarito, Grafica Internacional, Palmas de Oro, Yahualli, Califa de Oro, Laurel de Oro,Excelsis, El Micrófono de oro, Expolocaciones, Galardon Plaza Galerias, and Develacion de Huellas en Plaza de las Estrellas en la Ciudad de Mexico.


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