Gabriela Španić: Profile - Biography

Name: Gabriela Elenah Španić Utrera
Also known as: Gaby Spanic, Telenovela Empress
Born: December 10, 1973 (age 39)
Origin: Caracas, Venezuela
Genres: R&B, pop
Occupations: Singer, songwriter, executive producer, Actress (Main Job), video director, philanthropist, cultural ambassador, author
Years active: 1991–present
Labels: Def Jam/SRP
Associated acts: Daniela Spanic

Gabriela Španić (born Gabriela Elena Španić Utrera, 10 December 1973), or Gaby Spanic, is an award-winning Venezuelan actress best known for her roles in telenovelas. Her sister is model/actress Daniela Spanic. She has two younger sisters Patricia and Kristen,Her sister Partricia is a Captain in the US Army engaged to a Soldier by the name of Harris. and two brothers Antonio and Adiel. Among her most famous novelas are "La Usurpadora", "Por Tu Amor", "La Intrusa", "Tierra de Pasiones", and "Soy Tu Dueña". She was the only actress to repeat the role of twins. Currently, she is starring in TV Azteca's "Emperatriz" as the title character, which was a remake of the Venezuelan version - a character which she wanted to portray during her teenage years.

Acting career
1990-1997: Started as an actress and model
Spanic's father is Croatian, having moved to Venezuela with his parents in 1960. Her mother is Croatian, but she was uprooted and educated in Los Angeles. Her career started in the Miss Venezuela pageant in 1992 as Miss Guarico. Spanic began her university studies in psychology, but always had a latent desire for acting. Her career received a major boost in the mid 90s when she started having leading roles in Venezuelan soaps. Gabriela made a series of papers mostly she was the protagonist of Trama somehow it began to be considered a national heroine in Venezuela in 1997 a great team America hires for it to do a photo shoot unique for the magazine Cosmopolitan.

1998-2002: La Usurpadora and Hiatus
Gaby was invited in 1998 to star in one of the most important roles of her life, the novela "La Usurpadora" who until then would be Thalia. Gabriela starring actress who auditioned for the character Paola & Paulina came to worldwide success with the novela which was transmitted to more than 160 countries around the world and converted into one of most sold telenovela in the world. Usurpadora was practically the first novela to win more than 20 points in the grid of the TV audience Americana.

2005: Tierra de Passiones
She won the Orquidea Award in 2005 for her trajectory as an actress, as well as the prestigious FAMAS Award for Best Actress for her role in Tierra de Pasiones.
Legal and Cases Controversy

In 2002 the tabloids acknowledged that Gaby would be ending her marriage to Miguel de Leon. They divorced and after that she moved to Colombia.

In 2010, Gaby, her son, and her mother were poisoned by her assistant with Ammonium chlorate. for four months. Since then, she has recovered. Later that year, she left Televisa and signed contract with Azteca.

She was born to Croatian father and English mother, of which were immigrated in 1947, but later has a son named Gabriel de Jesús who was born on July 7, 2008.

Actress (20 titles)
 La Otra Cara del Alma (TV series)
Alma Hernández
– La Otra Cara del Alma (2012) … Alma Hernández

2011 Emperatriz (TV series)
Emperatriz Jurado
– Episode #1.1 (2011) … Emperatriz Jurado

2010 Soy tu dueña (TV series)
Ivana Dorantes Rangel
– Gran final (2010) … Ivana Dorantes Rangel
– Emprendiendo la huída (2010) … Ivana Dorantes Rangel
– ¿El final de Rosendo? (2010) … Ivana Dorantes Rangel
– Crímenes al descubierto (2010) … Ivana Dorantes Rangel
– El padre de José Miguel (2010) … Ivana Dorantes Rangel
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2005-2007 Decisiones (TV series)
Daniela / Mariela
– A la tercera va la vencida (2007) … Daniela
– Un amor verdadero (2005) … Mariela

2006 Tierra de pasiones (TV series)
Valeria San Román
– Belinda quiere besar a Pablo (2006) … Valeria San Román
– Marcia le dice a Valeria que Francisco la busca por interés (2006) … Valeria San Román
– Episode #1.1 (2006) … Valeria San Román

2004 Prisionera (TV series)
Guadalupe Santos
– Episode #1.125 (2004) … Guadalupe Santos
– Episode #1.124 (2004) … Guadalupe Santos
– Episode #1.120 (2004) … Guadalupe Santos
– Episode #1.118 (2004) … Guadalupe Santos
– Episode #1.117 (2004) … Guadalupe Santos
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2002 La venganza (TV series)
Helena Fontana / Valentina Díaz
– Episode #1.1 (2002) … Valentina Díaz/Helena Fontana

2001 La intrusa (TV series)
Virginia Martínez Roldán de Junquera Brito
– La intrusa (2001) … Virginia Martínez Roldán de Junquera Brito

1999 Por tu amor (TV series)
Aurora de Montalvo / María del Cielo Montalvo de Durán
– Por tu amor (1999) … Aurora de Montalvo/María del Cielo Montalvo de Durán

1998 La usurpadora (TV series)
Paola Bracho / Paulina Martínez / Paulina Bracho
– Paulina y Carlos Daniel se casan! (1998) … Paulina Bracho
– La usurpadora (1998) … Paulina Martínez/Paola Bracho
– Episode #1.101 … Paulina Martínez/Paola Bracho
– Episode #1.12 … Paulina Martínez/Paola Bracho
– Episode #1.15 … Paulina Martínez/Paola Bracho
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1998 Más allá de la usurpadora (TV movie)
Paulina Bracho

1997 Todo por tu amor (TV series)
Petra Josefina Marcano alias Amaranta Rey
– Episode #1.150 (1997) … Petra Josefina Marcano alias Amaranta Rey

1996 Quirpa de tres mujeres (TV series)
Emiliana Echeverría Salazar

1996 Como tú, ninguna (TV series)
Gilda Barreto

1995 Morena Clara (TV series)
Linda Prado

1994 María Celeste (TV series)
Celina Hidalgo
– Episode #1.1 (1994) … Celina Hidalgo

1993 Rosangelica (TV series)

1992 Divina obsesión (TV series)

1992 La loba herida (TV series)
– La loba herida (1992) (uncredited)

1991 Mundo de fieras (TV series)


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